[lopsa-tech] Datacenter cable runs - labeling scheme?

Matt Simmons standalone.sysadmin at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 10:46:14 EST 2013


So, my current situation is that I'm working in a datacenter with 21 racks
arranged in three rows, 7 racks long. We have one centralized distribution
switch and no patch panels, so everything is run to the switch which lives
in the middle, roughly. It's ugly and non-ideal and I hate it a bunch, but
it is what it is. And it looks a lot like this:

Anyway, so given this really suboptimal arrangement, I want to be able to
more easily identify a particular patch cable because, as you can imagine,
tracing a wire is no fun right now.

While everyone that I've talked to agrees that both ends need labeled. The
question is what do you put on them. The schools of thought as far as I am
aware are:

1) Every cable end's label says exactly what the other end is connected to,
including hostname and port number

2) Every cable end's label is uniquely identified to that cable, because
things move and relabeling sucks.

3) <insert your other viewpoint here>

Is there actually some best practice that I'm unaware of? How would you do
it in this case?


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