[Lopsa-us-ca-sd] LOPSA SD - WISP ? Any ideas or inputs?

David Colon dcolon at roadrunner.com
Fri May 10 18:52:07 CDT 2013

Hey all,

Long story short which can be expanded later - there's potential to help 
a rural community setup a WISP. I have a general idea on how to go about 
it, but I am far from an experienced pro. The community is about 15 
people now, with the potential to expand to up to 100, due to a new 
development opportunity.

Reading a lot about it has me excited to undertake a new, potentially 
very technical project for a good cause.

Anyone have any good ideas on how to best go about this? I'm going to 
try and go out there for a site survey and am helping them look into the 
fastest connections they can get, which doesn't cover the entire area. 
(xDSL is available at the lower edge of the land)

Would be looking to setup something sustainable and resilient, hopefully 
easy to manage, that doesn't require too much technical skill to 
maintain. Not asking for a lot, eh?

What do you all think would be involved to get this started? I'm used to 
more commercial stuff from Cisco and Aruba, but have played with 
Ubiquiti and Meraki.

No experience with Mikrotik, and Motorola used to excel in this area in 
the early-mid 2000s. Would wonder also about if nothing is there - maybe 
a municipal 4G network?

Lots to think and talk about - eager to hear if anyone has done this, 
considered it, or knows folks involved in this very thing.

Also could be a great volunteer op for anyone interested!

Please let me know your thoughts!

Dave Colon

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