[lopsa-discuss] Ongoing widespread NTP server abuse by D-Link

Richard Johnson rdump at river.com
Tue Apr 11 18:09:03 PDT 2006

The D-Link DI-624 wireless router firmware (and other D-Link junk) attacks
Poul-Henning Kamp's stratum 1 NTP server, among others not intended for
worldwide client system use.


Indeed, this default misbehavior is one of the reasons why traffic to [a
stratum 1 NTP server on a nearby network] is so high.  It's in D-Link's
default attack list as well.  Worse, instead of apologizing and making
amends, D-Link is reportedly reacting like a bunch of true [redacteds];
they're unrepentant and won't stop.


The list if tech companies from whom I will never buy anything ever again
thus grows.  Recent entries:

    (You're going to rootkit systems you don't own?  BLAM!  You're not
    going to admit culpability and issue an abject apology?  BLAMBLAMBLAM!)
    (Wilfully careless dDoS of public resources network-wide, then accusing
    your victims of extortion?  My oh my.)

I wonder who wants to be next?


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